Monday, April 12, 2010

Roller Derby

I've always been interested in roller derby. well, technically i've never been to a single game, and i couldn't name you more than half a dozen teams off of the top of my head. but i have always been interested in cute alternative girls on roller skates. anybody will tell you.

anyway, as per recommendation by my friend Tim, i recently entered a contest to make logos for three teams up in the great and distant state of New Hampshire. don't get excited, i didn't win. but i was excited to make some new portfolio designs and as stated in paragraph one, i was invested in the subject matter.

the first team is the Queen City Cherry Bombs, they wanted black and red colors with a pin up theme. i like the way this came out, though admittedly i'm uncertain about the color... I like to work in markers these days but i thought for a teams graphic they'd be more interested in solid colors without as much texture. i do sort of wish it had some more depth in the colors though. maybe i'll do that. some day.

the second team is the Seabrook Meltdowns.... i spent the most time with the colors on this one. They said they either wanted neon green with black, or maybe just neon colors in general. i tried a few different schemes, here's two of them.

and finally, here's my illustration for the Granite Skate Troopers. admittedly, this doesn't necessarily fit with the theme of the team, and it's not... really... a logo. but i was excited to draw it, i liked the idea of it a lot, and i didn't figure i'd win all three any way. i guess you could say i did it for the "lulz."