Wednesday, December 2, 2009

if i don't start now, i'll never get around to it.

so i've had the blog since september, and until i build up the attention span to finish that essay on Jurassic park, i probably never will. so i'll just start this up by posting some art work.

I've been using markers a lot lately. i bought a set of prismas when i was a freshmen and really had no idea how to use them. It took a while to get in touch with them... they work like paint except each marker has only so much change in sharpness. but the trick is in the blending.

this is a drawing of fairy jesse bee chasing our bunny, peanut butter. have a small double maned lion head hopping around the apartment leads to some surreal moments, so i figured i'd try to represent it through my art a bit.

now that last one was done when i only had the set of twenty or something markers. i filled in the gaps of depth and color layering with some water color, which was plenty fun, but i really wanted to maintain the sharpness and clarity of the markers (plus the high energy i can keep up while using them) and still get some depth of color. fortunately, i graduated. I used some present money from my grandmother and bought me self a big ol' box of 72. so my first project was this lady dude on the right here.

the character is helen powerchord. i didn't invent her, my good buddy from another muddy Yorkie made her up. I did, to give myself some credit, invent the name. i wanted to post a link, i'll have to add it later. anyway it was fun, and i was finally allowed a decent skin tone.

so here's some stuff. may it motivate me to continue.

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